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Young Farmers Visit PPH!

At Potter Plant Hire, we believe in connecting with our community and inspiring the next generation. That’s why we were thrilled to host the Boroughbridge Young Farmers Club for a tour of our facilities.

The evening began with a warm welcome from Giles Potter, our founder, whose roots in farming provided a natural connection with the young farmers. Giles shared his personal journey, starting from his upbringing on a farm to his decision to venture into the world of plant hire.

Giles showing the original CAT traxcavator and tractor that he started with


Following Giles’s introduction, his daughter, Hannah, took the floor to discuss the present and future of Potter Plant Hire. She provided valuable insights into the challenges facing the construction industry and the innovative solutions the company is implementing to stay ahead. Her perspective offered the young farmers a glimpse into the dynamic nature of the industry and the opportunities it presents for growth and innovation.

Next Dave, one of our team members, shared updates on our current projects, giving the young farmers a glimpse into the work we do every day.

After the talks, the group embarked on a guided tour of our yard. The highlight of the tour was a visit to the original CAT traxcavator and tractor that Giles started with, providing a tangible reminder of how far we’ve come. They also watched a demo of GPS machine control by one of our operators, Michael. He showed them how our machines work with precision and efficiency. Michael then showed them a bigger dozer in action, navigating a muck heap effortlessly. The young farmers even got to hop inside the cab and see the controls up close.

demo of GPS machine control by one of our operators, Michael


Throughout the tour, our team members explained the functions and features of each machine, offering valuable insights into their roles in various construction projects. To engage the group further, we even held a guessing game, challenging them to estimate the price of our Kobelco hybrid. Finley’s impressive guess earned him a box of chocolate heroes as a reward.

Winner of guessing game to estimate price of our Kobelco Hybrid


We wrapped up the evening in the workshop with snacks from Voakes Pies, a local favorite. It was a chance for everyone to chat and ask Giles and Hannah questions. Overall, it was a great opportunity to connect with the community and inspire the next generation. We’re grateful to the Boroughbridge Young Farmers Club for joining us and look forward to more events like this in the future.