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David Lowery

Potter Plant Hire have provided plant services on the A1 Improvement projects [ A1D2L and A1L2B ] for over 8 years. The services provided by Potter Plant Hire includes the provision of a large cross section of plant and equipment needed to deliver major infrastructure projects, and during this period, Potter Plant Hire have transitioned their business accordingly and have continued to expand their capacity and capability to meet the needs of the project and the sector. We have an exceptional relationship with Potter Plant Hire, namely Giles Potter and Lee Nickling, both of whom are fully integrated into the project team and work very closely with us to deliver exceptional results. Giles and his business pride themselves on delighting the customer and the quality of their approach, products and services is always excellent. Potter Plant Hire have worked closely and collaboratively with other key members of the supply chain and they have always been committed, and been a part of, the health and safety initiatives ran on the project. They have been, and are, without doubt one of the key supply chain members on the A1 Improvement project and I would actively engage their services without hesitation in the future.